Final Blog Post

1) My opinion on 20 time is that I completely hated the concept and would have much preferred to read more of Poe or Dickinson's work then do this project

2&3) I dont think anything should be changed it should just all together be removed from the curriculum

4) No, 20 time should be an option though because I'm sure some kids would be able to accomplish amazing things but generally no we should of just read more American literature

5) Unless you already have an idea of what you want to do switch classes because this concept is either horrible or extremely beneficial depending on the person


20 time analysis

For  my blog this week I'm supposed to answer two questions, what have you liked most/least about 20 Time, and what would you do differently? To be honest i don't really enjoy this project at all. It needs a lot of time that I just don't have. Between school, homework, practice, tournaments, clubs and my personal training schedule there's just no room. With that I guess what i like least about 20 time is these blogs because some weeks I do nothing for my project, not because i ignore but because I don't have time. What I would do differently with 20 time is I wished I could of done something that helped my volleyball because I could have incorporated my project into my training or practices rather then making completely separate time for it. Also I am really not looking forward to the speeches because i have no idea what I am going to talk about. I am supposed to have learned some big life lesson about happiness or something but all I've learned is that I hate the government.



Last weeks goals werent completed for a number of reasons mostly the mountain of school work i was assinged so i have decided to move last weeks goals to this week. As i decide who to contact in the state legislature i have many things that will effect my decision. Most likely the representitive from the majority party that will meet with me. But thats all for this week seeing as i still have cive projects to do!


State Law

Last week i still didnt hear from any of the national represetitives. Sense this seems like it will never happen i have decided to get in touch with representitives for the state legislature rather then the national. This will hopefully be easy considering my mom is friends with some of the representitives. This week I plan on deciding who to contact and setting up a meeting with them. I hope they will take intrest in my bill, unlike the national representitives.


Big Idea

For our speechs in June we need to pick a big idea to talk about. To be perfectly honest i have no clue what I'm going to talk about because I'll I have found out is no one will talk to me. Neither Senator nor the represntitive for my district has responded to my e-mails. There is nothing to talk about that isn't opininated for my project. Although I will probably end up talking about obsticles or something.

I had obsticles doing this, like most things. There are always two choices when some one comes to an onsticle, to get over it or go around it. Although the seconed one isnt always an option. Sometimes the other option is to give up, and that's almost never a good choice. Most cases the choice is to conquere the obsticle. Although it might be a challenge and feel impossible it's usually what needs to be done. This week i am also going to contact some state legislators sense the national ones have failed to contact me.



Over break i didnt do any thing related to my project because i wasnt home. I spent a week in chicago and a week up north. Neither of which had continious wi-fi. Although i have not recieved any responses to my emails yet. I hope with in this month i'll recieve a response from one of the representitives.

This week i'll just work on finalizing the details of what my bill should prohibit. And making it easily applicable to any animal. 



This week I emailed Debbie Stabenow using a form on her website (image bellow). I told her the premise of my project and how I would love her support.

"Hi Mrs.Stabenow,
I'm currently a. Student at Grosse Pointe South High school, I am a sophomore and for my English class we are doing a project called 20 Time. If you don't know what that is it's when a teacher gives their students 20% of their class time to learn what they want, my class gets every Friday in class to work on our projects. My project is to write a bill and appeal it to congress. I want to write a bill about animal rights, regarding the space they are kept in, and I know I'll need a senators support to make any of this happen. I would love to e-mail you more in formation about it if your interested.

K. Neely Klippstein"